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Web Analysis

Has your website growth stagnated off late? Are you unable to figure out why your competitors are ruling over the Internet? The only way to find answers to these questions is through a comprehensive website analysis. A good website analysis will involve in-depth study on various factors which affect your website traffic. It is a professional process and should be done by people having expertise in website analysis:


Let us take a look at some of the important factors which are analyzed during website analysis:


Site Structure Analysis: The structure of the website is analyzed as a part of website analysis. It involves checking the URL structure, navigation, checking the internal and external links of the website. This is done to see if the existing site structure is in conjunction with the algorithms of the search engines. The robot.txt files are also analyzed during this process.


Keyword Analysis: In this process of website analysis keywords relating to the website are analyzed. Keywords and key phrases act as hooks which bring in targeted traffic to the website. The latest keywords and key phrase trends are taken into account in this phase. The search volume and competition of each of these keywords are analyzed to incorporate changes to the website to increase its search engine relevancy.

Competitor Analysis: This is perhaps the most important part of website analysis. Here a website’s competitors are analyzed to understand their strengths and weaknesses. It involves gathering key data about the competitor and understanding its SEO strategy which involves studying the keywords, back links, off-site promotion, ad campaigns etc. A detailed strategy is prepared to counter the strengths of the competitors and exploit their weakness. 

Audience Analysis: These days website analysis is incomplete without analysis of the audience. In this the target audience of the website is analyzed. There are many factors which go into audience analysis which include age, sex, ethnicity, education, nationalism etc. This gives the webmasters a clear picture of their target audience.

Content Analysis: ‘Content is the king’ they say and your content needs to be of very high quality to ensure that you have a good search engine score. As part of website analysis the content of your website is analyzed to look for their originality, presence of keywords, presence of alt tags in case of images.

Website analysis is one of the best processes to judge the strengths and weaknesses of a website.

Summary: Website analysis is a very important step in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your website. It involves site structure analysis, keyword analysis, competitor analysis, audience analysis, content analysis.