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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per Click Management

Why should you go for Pay per Click Management?

Pay-per-click (PPC) management services have gained immense popularity due to their propensity to deliver 'immediate' results in terms of attracting high web-traffic and generating responses. By virtue of its ability to deliver instant results, it is the preferred tool for web businesses that desire to satisfy their short-term goals. The parameter to judge the efficacy of the PPC campaign is Click Through Rate (CTR) that quantifies the numbers of visitors who actually click on the ad text and reach the respective landing page.

PPC is an expensive lead generation initiative and hence demands expert management of the campaign.

Our Google Adword certified campaign managers ensure that you get maximum bang for your Online Marketing spend.

CPA based PPC Services

A prudent PPC management requires placing optimal bid on a wide range of moderately searched keywords. This results in the campaign becoming more broad based to capture a wider audience. Selection of the right keywords is fundamental to an effective PPC campaign. Our methodology of identifying Semantically linked keywords, assists us in generating positive ROI on all our PPC campaigns. .

Ethical PPC practices

Prudent bidding for the appropriate keywords is the hallmark of our service. We abstain from placing inordinately high bids for very competitive keywords, and substitute this by targeting semantically relevant keywords with moderate bids. This coupled with targeted ad text generates maximum clicks, while simultaneously reducing the Cost per click (CPC).

Google Adword certified Account Managers

We have 10 Google Adword certified PPC Account managers exclusively to nurture your PPC campaign accounts. With expertise in a managing campaigns spread out over an assortment of domains, we believe we are able to leverage this knowledge base to assist our clients to fructify your campaign objectives.