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Link Building

Thematic Link Building Services

Link popularity service is one of our core competencies. This service enables our clients to attract relevant traffic to their respective web pages, while it also assists in achieving high rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). While Link Building is integral to all our SEO campaigns, we also offer it as a stand alone service. We develop semantic links by ensuring that the websites that are being linked are semantically similar. This form of link development is given due importance by all Search Engines.

Nature of links

We develop thematic links by obtaining them from semantically relevant sites. Other avenues for sourcing the links are from Directories, Blogs and forums. The available tools for web publicity, like Press Release and Content Syndication are also harnessed to develop thematic links.

Manual process

Our Link building process starts with identification of the theme of the website for which the links need to be developed. This is followed by collation of URLs of relevant websites from which the links could be sourced. Manual link request to the respective webmasters follows the data compilation. All the links that are developed are continuously validated, to ensure that redundant links are removed.

Types of Link Building that we offer

A) One Way Link Building :
One way link building helps in attaining in-bound links without reciprocating to the linked website in the form of a link back. One way links are more difficult to obtain and hence have a better impact on link popularity and consequently in search engine rankings. In addition, the chances of linking to any of the "bad neighborhood" websites are eradicated.

We expertise in achieving high page rank one way thematic in-bound links.

B) Reciprocal Link Building :
Reciprocal link building involves placing an out-bound link for each in-bound link acquired. Although not as powerful as one way link building, it does offer an effective way of increasing web traffic and enhancing the Google page rank.


Link Building Quality Parameters that we conform to

We have adopted stringent quality parameters to ensure high quality link building services. Some of the rudimentary quality parameters that we follow are outlined below:

  • Links are obtained from theme based sites.
  • We ensure High Google Page Rank Links Acquisition.
  • Links are not sourced from No Spam Meta Links Pages (Sites Using No Follow, PHP Redirect are purely and deliberately rejected by us).
  • FFA (Free For All) Links are not targeted for sourcing links.
  • No Links are sourced from Pornographic or Gaming websites.
  • Links are obtained only from websites indexed in the major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN)
  • We do not employ any software to develop links.


Link Building Metrics

We have developed more than 70000 links ub 2010 and expect to double the number in 2011. More than 70% of the links developed and endeavor to develop would be one way in nature.