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Landing Page Optomization

Do you want to convert your visitors into your permanent customers? You should opt for landing page optimization. A landing page also known as the lead capture page is the page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement. Landing page optimization has become one of the most important components in Internet marketing. The purpose of landing page optimization is to create an environment that generates a sequence of events that ultimately results in visitor conversion.


A good marketing campaign is must for landing page optimization. Make sure your PPC campaign appears at the right place to ensure it reaches your target audience. Search engine marketing has evolved into a consumer drive platform so the optimization has do to make sure that campaign understands the users, their needs and present to them actionable response to translate into sales.


One key principle when formulating landing page optimization strategy is to never take the visitor for granted. They provide you with a small opportunity for business which you should not let go. Most visitors spend less than 10 seconds at a website and you will have to grab their attention within those ten seconds. You are most likely to have a single opportunity with a user to make him or her a customer.


Tips for Good Landing Page Optimization

·         Keep the page simple and clean. No one wants to read the long sales pages any longer, those tactics need to be thrown out of the window.

·         Have the right kind of images and graphics on your landing page. It should immediately attract the visitors. Most visitors might come to your page from the search engine, social networking site or emails and this transition can be disorienting. For ideal landing page optimization you need to let them know where they are.

·         Be informative with your landing page and ensure readers can easily find helpful links and information, giving more value to the page.

·         To translate visits to sales, ensure that your marketing campaign doesn’t have sales written all over it. It should strike a balance between marketing and information.

·         In landing page optimization never try to dupe the users promising something you won’t be able to deliver. This will invite negative publicity for your brand.


Landing page optimization has become a must in today’s Internet business where websites are not restricted to being informative but serve as an e-commerce model. Therefore intelligent application of landing page optimization techniques is indispensable for business.


Summary: Landing page optimization is one of the key factors in search engine marketing. It enables webmasters to translate visitors into customers. It is done by optimizing the PPC campaign.