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Keyword Stuffing

Keywords are one of vital tools used in search engine optimization. They are the main stay of on-page optimization where webmasters use specific keywords to attract search engine crawlers. Keyword stuffing is nothing but stuffing of keywords in the meta tags and content to generate traffic. Keyword stuffing is considered an unethical SEO technique and can attract penalty from the major search engines.


Keywords are used by Internet users to look for information on the search engines. Certain keywords and combination of words have higher search volumes on the Internet. This prompts some webmasters to practice keyword stuffing to gain better results on the search engines. In such cases keywords are often misused in the content and meta tags. Unrelated meta description loaded with keywords is often used in this practice.


Why To Avoid Keyword Stuffing?


Keyword stuffing has become an obsolete technique in today’s world and holds little significance compared to what it did in the past. Keyword stuffing adds no value to rankings today, as search engines like Google no longer gives good rankings to pages employing this technique. Certain amateur webmasters still try keyword stuffing in order to gain higher Page Rank. Anchor text same as keywords are also used at times in this technique.


The problem with keyword stuffing is that many people fall into this trap unknowingly. The general rule of thumb for keyword or key phrase percentage is 2% to 5% of the total words in an article. Anything beyond this is considered as keyword stuffing. Over usage of keywords also makes the quality of the content poor. You might be able to attract people to your website using this technique but won’t be able to convert them into your dedicated viewers. Your website can be penalized and might not be indexed in search engine results page.


At times there is little margin for error between proper usage of keywords and keywords stuffing. It is advisable to seek the help of SEO experts while using keywords in your website. You cannot avoid using keywords as people usually enter your website organically through them but use them judiciously to attract the search engine crawlers and get indexed in the directories of the major search engines.


Keyword stuffing in most cases is a thing of the past as search engines aren’t giving weightage to keywords like they did in the past.


Summary: Keyword stuffing is the over usage of keywords in the content and meta tags of websites to increase the page views. It is considered as an unethical technique in search engine optimization.